Commissioning Provider Training
  • This CxP Certificate program is a comprehensive portal to the process, skill sets, building systems and field knowledge you need.
  • Expand your knowledge, energize your career, and gain AIA- and USGBC-approved Continuing Education credits.
  • Year-round events, technical webinars and regional 2-day classroom training on new construction and existing building commissioning.

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Buildings of the future are being planned and constructed today.

Commercial buildings require commissioning providers to meet codes and standards, and make sure building systems function, providing security, safety, resilience, energy efficiency and comfort for the people who work in them.

Become a Commissioning Provider (CxP)

The sequential, modular BCxA Commissioning Provider training program focuses on the process, skill sets and field knowledge necessary to advance into a commissioning role.

Accelerate Your Commissioning Career

For experienced CxPs, BCxA University offers program modules a la carte for learning state-of-the-art techniques, applications and practices for commissioning building systems and assemblies.

Hone Your Skills

BCxA University offers a full and growing curriculum, including online webinars, interactive "live" webinars and classroom training to help you advance your CxP career.

Whichever meets your needs, you'll dive right into the commissioning principles, process, and deliverables behind making buildings work as planned. As an added benefit, you'll be able to work with owner's teams to build awareness, knowledge and advocacy, leading to better buildings and long-term, trusted business relationships.

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These online training programs were developed in collaboration with the Center for Building Knowledge at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

CLEAResult's acquisition of PECI in 2014 paved the way for the Building Commissioning Association, one of the original program authors, to acquire the program license for BCxA University.